2018 is starting off with a number of excellent fishouts.

 Kelsey Bass Ranch

April 7 is a one day fishout to Kelsey Bass Ranch in the Central Valley.  An excellent stillwater fishout.  Contact fishmaster Jeff Lorelli.  If we get 10 Flycasters for the day we can have the lake all to ourselves. 

Pyramid Lake 559

April 19 - 22 is one of Flycasters' biggest fishouts. Pyramid Lake in Nevada.  Fishmaster Tom Key has Flycasters staying at Crosby Lodge - see the Fishout Template in File Sharing.

Surf Perch 012

May 9th is a mid-week Surf Fishout - contact Luke Sing for details.


May 23rd is our annual Shad Fishout on the Sacramento River -  see the fishout template in File Sharing.  This fishout always fills up quickly so be sure to contact fishmaster Bob Laskodi ASAP.


ONeill Forebay

The first full weekend of October - October 7 - 8 - Flycasters will be fishing for Striped Bass close to home at the O'Neill Forebay, San Luis Reservoir.   Jim Knecht is the fishmaster and he has arranged for overnight camping the night of October 7th.  The Forebay and San Luis Reservoir are home to world class Striper fishing.  There are strict regulations regarding water craft so be sure to contact Jim Knecht for more information and to sign up.

Davis Lake

Then October 19 - 22 Bill Hubbard is the fishmaster for the trip to Davis Lake - early fall is prime time for this northern California stillwater.  There are still a few spots open so contact Bill Hubbard for details and sign ups -

Then in November you have the chance to go back-to-back on two great Steelhead fishouts -- Frank Eldredge leads the Klamath River fishout November 2 -5, and Jim Isaacson is fishmaster for the Trinity River fishout which is adjacent/overlap on November 5 - 8. Space is limited so contact Frank and Jim for details.

Flycasters has plenty of fishouts remaining this summer - take a look at the Fishout Schedule in the File Sharing menu - and open/download the Fishout Templates 


The evening Surf Stripers fishout at Beer Can Beach on August 19 has been cancelled

Lloyd Hayes is leading the Klamath Lake / Rocky Point fishout August 20 - 26 --- Targeting really large trout in the Upper Klamath Lake - Williamson River - Rocky Point area

Bill Mahan and Bob Bergthold are sharing fishmaster duties at the camping fishout at Medicine Lake September 7 - 10

Club president Todd Osborn is leading another intrepid group of backpackers up to Roosevelt and Lane Lakes in the Sierra for another backpack trip September 14 - 17

Les Page is putting together a fishout to Yamsi Ranch in Oregon for September 22 - 24 ----

Jeff Lorelli fishmasters a trip the weekend of September 30 - October 1 to the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River

and it's not too early to start planning your fishing for October and November ---




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