Flycasters has plenty of fishouts remaining this summer - take a look at the Fishout Schedule in the File Sharing menu - and open/download the Fishout Templates 


The evening Surf Stripers fishout at Beer Can Beach on August 19 has been cancelled

Lloyd Hayes is leading the Klamath Lake / Rocky Point fishout August 20 - 26 --- Targeting really large trout in the Upper Klamath Lake - Williamson River - Rocky Point area

Bill Mahan and Bob Bergthold are sharing fishmaster duties at the camping fishout at Medicine Lake September 7 - 10

Club president Todd Osborn is leading another intrepid group of backpackers up to Roosevelt and Lane Lakes in the Sierra for another backpack trip September 14 - 17

Les Page is putting together a fishout to Yamsi Ranch in Oregon for September 22 - 24 ----

Jeff Lorelli fishmasters a trip the weekend of September 30 - October 1 to the Middle Fork of the Stanislaus River

and it's not too early to start planning your fishing for October and November ---




On Tuesday May 23rd - Flycasters will be holding a one day fishout for Shad on the Sacramento River.  Fishmaster Bob Laskodi has turned this event into an annual tradition. The day begins at 11:00am and we fish until dark - around 9:00pm - for all the details see the April Flylines - File Sharing menu above --


Rooster Comb Ranch is tucked away in the Hamilton Range near Henry Coe State Park and includes great private water fishing for bass and panfish. Flycasters will have exclusive use of the ranch Memorial Day Weekend

Rooster Comb Ranch

Get all the details from the fishout template

Go to the File Sharing Menu and click on 2017 Fishouts

 Surf Perch 012345

For those of you who want access to fish close to home you can't beat the Pacific Ocean - which is barely an hour away. Luke Sing and Mike Lovejoy are hosting a Surf Perch fishout at Rio Del Mar on Saturday June 3rd- this is a morning fishout for Surf Perch. Contact Luke Sing for all the details -

The Kelsey Bass Ranch fishout is on April 8 - a one day fishout to the Central Valley.  For a comprehensive look at the fishout and for Jeff Lorelli's contact information see the fishout template in the File Sharing menu above.

Kelsey Bass Ranch

And then later in April we are going to the Crosby Lodge and fishing Pyramid Lake - April 20 - 23.  Walt McIntyre is looking for a full house for this fishout. That way we have the enire Crosby Lodge all to Flycasters.  This is always a great trip - Thursday night everyone arrives and we have a pot-luck style dinner in the large tent.  Everyone brings something to share and we all make plans for fishing the next day -

Pyramid Lake 559

Friday morning breakfast in the tent - make yourself a lunch - fish all day ... and come back Friday evening to dinner provided by Crosby Lodge .... wash up and go back fishing until dark --- Repeat for Saturday --- Sunday morning breakfast in the tent - make yourself a lunch - and then fish some more and go home whenever you're ready.

Members who have already been up to Pyramid Lake say the fishing is spectacular - with some very large fish to be caught and released.  All this for only $160 --- see the fishout template in the File Sharing menu above -


Sat Sep 30 @12:00AM
Middle Stanislaus Fishout
Sun Oct 01 @12:00AM
Middle Stanislaus Fishout
Sat Oct 07 @12:00AM
O'Neil Forebay Overnight Fishout
Sun Oct 08 @12:00AM
O'Neil Forebay Overnight Fishout
Thu Oct 19 @12:00AM
Davis Lake
Fri Oct 20 @12:00AM
Davis Lake

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