HI Bonefish 2008 026

When people travel to Hawaii, they usually visit the beach, go snorkeling, surfing, whale watching, or just relax and enjoy the sunshine, the scenery and beautiful weather. But very few bring a fly rod and go fishing. What a shame!

Few people know that you can travel to Hawaii and fly fish for rainbow trout as well as largemouth, smallmouth and peacock bass.  These fish can be caught in some of Hawaii’s
freshwater streams and impoundments. And did you know that there are world-class bonefish and other tropical species swimming over the flats just offshore?

There are four Hawaiian Islands where a fly rod can be flexed and cast to catch great fish. This month we’re going to learn about these idyllic spots and how to prepare for a fly fishing experience that is becoming more popular.

And the expert to take us on a new adventure is Peter Koga - Flycasters program speaker for August.

Join us August  10 at the Moreland Apts meeting room --- doors open at 6:30 --- Meeting begins at 7:15 ---

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