3 classes will be offered in the 2014 Fall Fly Tying Classes.

Steve Duckett and Bill Mahan will be teaching a class on weighting flies on Wednesday (11/5) starting at 7:00 p.m.  Bill will give a presentation on weighting options and things to consider when weighting flies, and Steve will demonstrate his Bouncer Fly. Materials will be provided for class participants for tying the flies demonstrated.

Bob Davis will teach a class on "Tails and Wings" on 11/19 (same time) with place to be determined, and he will provide materials for the students to use.

Dave Turner is teaching the third class on "Dubbing Loops", probably on either 10/29 or 12/3.  (Dave is busy fishing in Alberta, Canada and the dates will be firmed up later)

Unfortunately, the club no longer has access to the conference room at Winchester Plaza – we are looking at other locations to hold the classes.

Two places being considered are The Quaker Meeting House at 1051 Morse St., in San Jose and Bob Davis’ office space at Winchester Plaza – we will be able to determine the specifics well before the first class.

If anyone knows of a suitable location for the fly tying classes – and other seminars as well – be sure to bring it to the attention of Bill Mahan and/or Wade Goertz


Bill Mahan This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Wade Goertz This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

“The Magical McCloud” is a multimedia presentation surveying successful techniques, tactics and tips refined by guides who have been working on the McCloud River for decades.  The program is designed for novice and seasoned anglers alike with concepts offered in a light spirited and informative manner. Audience participation is encouraged and expected.  Craig uses humor and down to earth descriptions to demystify successful strategies and tactics that will both increase angler's catch as well as their enjoyment of the sport of fly fishing.


Craig is the owner and operator of Shasta Trout. A Northern California native, he has been chasing trout with a fly rod for over 50 years and has guided professionally since 1992. Having fished all across the western states, B.C. and Alaska he especially appreciates the angling diversity Mt. Shasta offers. From presenting tiny dries to selective Fall River Rainbows, swinging streamers with switchrods for the Klamath’s fabled steelhead, dry fly fishing on the McCloud, or nymphing the Upper and Lower Sac for trophy ‘bows, Craig enjoys it all. Everyone appreciates his patience, angling versatility and local knowledge. A certified casting instructor, he has taught at Mel Krieger’s school and was one of the first authors on switchrods. Craig has been a featured guide for  Flywater Travel, The Ashland Flyshop, Leland, Ted Fay, Fish First, The Clearwater House and The Flyshop. He has presented to dozens of Fly Fishing clubs in California and Oregon and as a celebrity in the west coast ISE and Fly Fishing Shows.  He holds a Teaching Credential and a Master’s degree from Chico State where he worked as an Instructor, Administrator and Counselor before following his passion to guide full time.


The year is rapidly winding down and we are now into the last of the summer fishouts and looking at our fall & winter trips.  September is sort of a transitional part of the year, warm enough to get into the high country but starting to cool enough to fish the lower waters.  We have a few fishouts in the next couple of months for you to be able to “feel the tug”.  But, you have to sign up and get involved.

High Serria Backpacking into Yosemite National Park

Glen Aulin and Tuolumne Meadows, names that conger up ideal high Serria settings and bright colored fish.  Great for a late season trip to beautiful country and clear air.  Coming up September 11th thru the 14th, Steve Key is the Fishmaster.  Get all the info from the Fishouts Templates in our File Sharing page on the web site.

Yamsi Ranch in Central Oregon

This Fishout has been filled for some time because it is a productive fishery in a great section of Oregon.  Dates are September 26th thru the 28th, Rick Davis is the Fishmaster.  Plan ahead and get this trip on your calendar for next year, but, again you, have to sign up!

O’Neill Forebay One Day Fishout

Moving into October (see how fast the year is moving?).  A one-day Fishout at the O’Neill Forebay, just east of the San Luis Reservoir.  Bring a float tube or a boat to go after good size stripers by stripping in Clousers.  The gates open at 6:00am.  All watercraft need to be inspected at the check-in station.  At noon, we will have a BBQ near the boat launch.   Bring something to cook and a salad to share.   If you have a small BBQ, bring it. No need to sign-up.  Just come.  Date is October 11th, Mike Lovejoy is the Fishmaster.

So, get on the lists to participate in these Fishouts and enjoy the approach of Fall.  I understand that in parts of the West they are already seeing the leaves changing, Fall colors coming out and animals are preparing for winter.  Get out to get in some fishing, or you will find yourself bumping into a guy in a red suit ringing a Salvation Army bell and wondering where the seasons went.  You have been warned.

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