Fly Fishing the lost coast

Mark Papazian


At the age of 18 Mark agreed to take a job in Southeast Alaska to work at the Tenakee Hot Springs Lodge for tips only. He came back the second year with his captain's license and guided anglers in the saltwater and nearby rivers for salmon, trout, and steelhead. In 2002 Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge hired him as the youngest guide to hold a captains license in the history of the

During his employment at the Boardwalk he guided anglers in both the saltwater and freshwater rivers in and around Prince of Whales Island. As much as he enjoyed his summers spent in Alaska he couldn’t keep missing the fall semester of college due to the season running into early October. He then decided to fast track his education by putting his summer job on hold and attending Chico State University full time where he would spend the weekends chasing steelhead on the Trinity River.


After graduating from Chico State with a business degree and a
steelheading minor, he moved to Humboldt County where there are countless steelhead
opportunities. When he started to hook these coastal winter steelhead amongst the giant
redwoods his passion for steelhead grew even deeper. After two years of living in Humboldt
county he entrenched himself back into the Alaska guiding scene so he could focus the winter
months chasing steelhead on the Lost Coast of California. He is now working at Deep Blue
Charters catching halibut and salmon with lodge guests during the summer and returning to the
North Coast of California to pursue steelhead in the fall and winter months.

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