There are still a few openings for the fishout to the Eastern Sierra at the end of September.

Fall is a beautiful time of year to head over the Sierra and fish the East and West Walker Rivers, Kirman Lake, Heenan Lake, Virginia Lakes, Twin Lakes, Lake Lundy, and even the Carson River.

walker river trout

Jeff Lorelli has booked rooms at Meadowcliff Lodge in Coleville- September 30, October 1 - 2

See the fishout template in the File Sharing menu above


Flycasters will be holding a one day fishout to the O'Neill Forebay - San Luis Reservoir - on Saturday October 8 - CANCELLED --- 

Barely an hour and half away is one of California's best fisheries. And hooking into Striped Bass can get your pulse pounding like few other game fish.  Contact Jim Isaacson for details


Walt McIntyre will be fishmaster for our Davis Lake fishout - October 20 - 23

Davis Lake is a marvelous stillwater that fishes extremely well in October - Walt has arranged for Flycasters to inhabit the entire Davis Lake Resort - there are still a few spots open - See the fishout template in the File Sharing menu above


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