From September 17 - 19, 28 San Jose Flycasters spent the weekend fishing the East Carson river area and had a great time.  On Friday night we had a potluck dinner which overwhelmed the 28 members. We had so much fun it went in well into the evening. Extra tables and chairs were commandeered and no one got up to leave until very late.

Saturday, Jim Degnan cooked a Cattlemans breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes, sweet rolls, etc. with help from Bob Davis.  At 8:00 am, Peter Stanley, Guide and Instructor from the Tahoe Flyfishing outfitters arrived to give us a seminar.  Although everyone came prepared with flies we discovered that most of our flies were too large. Per Peter, the best flies on the East Carson are size 14 to 24.  At 9:00 we all left for the river for some great fishing.  Check out the picture of Peter with a clientwith a 30" trout.

We fished all day and Saturday night we had a gourmet dinner cooked by 'Chef' Bob Davis. After another cattlemans breakfast Sunday morning every took off for more fishing and the ride home. We will find out at the next meeting how everyone fared at fishing.

Walt McIntyre, Fishmaster 


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