Share Your Luck

It has been said, "Bragging may not bring happiness, but no man having caught a large fish goes home through an alley."  Since its inception the club has recognized this adage and has provided a way to acknowledge the great fishing our members do each year.


We have a Fishing Awards program that collects and presents recognition on several levels to our hard fishing members.  If you have been fishing and have caught a “significant” fish for you; meaning species, size, multiple species or combination thereof, including on a club Fishout, simply fill out a Fish Card online and submit it.  At the end of the year those having submitted cards will be recognized in many categories (see previous posts, emails and Flylines articles) including one being crowned as “Flycasters Fisher of the Year”!

The online form is on the club website on the Fishouts Page, look for it in the plug-in along the right side of the page.  It takes only a few minutes to fill out.  As you fill out the form, instructions for each entry area will appear as you roll your cursor over the entry title.  You can attach one or more photos of you and the fish to the submission, and those photos will forwarded to our Historian to be included in the “End of Year” slideshow at the December meeting.  So, you are killing two birds for you with one submission.

So, I know you have been fishing and catching some nice fish.  Take the time to submit the catches and give me some awards to present at the end of the year.

Bob Meacham

Fishing Awards Chairperson

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