Flycaster's History

A CLUB WITH A LONG HISTORY -  Since it's beginnings in 1965 Flycasters and it's members have been active in all forms of Conservation, Education, Flyfishing and Club Activities. 

A significant number of our club members have been very active in local conservation groups and are individual members of the FFF.  Many early club presidents like Dan Blanton and Ray Hutcherson and others like Jay Craddock were NCCFFF council directors.  Past Club Presidents John Brezzo and Ken Chrisman, became Northern California Council FFF Presidents. Not only has Flycasters contributed many officers and committee heads, Flycaster members have also received many awards for their active participation in conservation..

Through the Flycaster's Education Foundation lead by Hugh Miller and Don Chesarak over 40,000 children and hundreds of teachers have been provided education regarding endangered Steelhead, conservation,stewardship of resources, and the need to protect our environment.

After ten years of working with local agencies, in 1994 Flycasters, Inc. of San Jose, obtained a $148,000 appropriation from the County of Santa Clara to build two modern casting ponds in Los Gatos Creek Park, Campbell, California. Two American Casting Society approved ponds, one 80 and one 100 square foot were completed in 1995.  At the time the ponds had a dirt bottom.  Through a significent effort by Flycaster's members, funding was obtained to put concrete in the bottom of the ponds.  The concrete work started late in October 2002 and was completed by the second week of November. 

Flycasters, Inc. San Jose has done quite well in bringing professional tournament casting and an outstanding casting facility to the South Bay and is continuing efforts to keep the ponds in the best possible condition.


Flycaster's participating in the International Sportsman's Show - 1976








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