Our August meeting will feature the very well known speaker and Fly Fisher, Lance Gray. 


Lance started fly fishing and tying flies when he was eight with his father, and the rest is history.  At thirteen he started tying flies commercially and at seventeen he was working at Powell's Fly Shop in Chico. Lance guided, tied flies, and fished everywhere.  In 1993 Lance started Saltwater Innovations, a company which produced saltwater products including flies like Lance's Crystal Poppers, Raghead Crabs and the KO Charlie series. 

Lance's saltwater flies are available at Solitude Fly Company. 

Lance conducts presentations at the ISE shows and many fly fishing clubs.  This month we are very lucky and happy to host Lance. 

Lance also guides and educates fly fishers about the sport.

Lance will be presenting his program  "Steelheading the Feather River"

Personally, fishing for Steelhead is one of my favoritess, so I am very much looking forward to this presentation.

The lecture portion of this presentation covers history, angling information, access points, fly fishing techniques, flies and much more!

If time allows, I'll see if Lance can show us some rigging and flies before the meeting, so come early.  Lance usually has handouts on the presentations as well.  Don't forget to grab one for yourself, ME FIRST...   :)))


See you there


Michael Matica

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