Much of the interest and fun in belonging to Flycasters is learning about fly fishing from the many seminars which are organized, managed and conducted by volunteer members. Some seminars and classes focus on varying skill levels (beginning, intermediate and advanced) allowing an angler to progress and achieve a high level of expertise

Flycasters is going to have another "Casts and Brats" BBQ at the Ponds on Tuesday - May 23rd - from 5:00pm to 8:00pm at the Casting Ponds at Los Gatos Creek Park


Dennis Buranek and Tom Key will be showing off some bamboo and fiberglass fly rods - which have a considerably slower casting tempo than modern graphite and composite rods.

Keith Nelson will fire up the BBQ and serve 'Brats' and other refreshments.

Flycasters will hve a chance to cast these rods and ask questions - and simply have some fun.

This is a MEMBERS ONLY event - contact Mason Seim for details

You need to connect your fly to your tippet -- you need to connect your tippet to your leader - you need to connect your leader to a butt section - you need to connect the butt section to your flyline - well, you get the idea.

Blood Knot 002

It takes a lot of knots - and a lot of different KINDS of knots - to present your fly to a (hopefully) eager fish. And those knots need to be tied correctly if you want to fight and land that fish.

OnTuesday evening, May 16, at 7:00pm, at the Moreland Apts meeting room, Flycasters is holding an Introductory Knots Class taught by Bob Laskodi.

8 different knots will be featured - the Uni-Knot - The Eugene Bend - The Non Slip Mono Loop - The Seaguar Knot - The Blood Knot - The Nail Knot - The Perfection Loop - The Surgeon's Knot

Space is limited to 12 members - materials and tools will be provided - or participants can bring their own nippers and 8 to 12 pound tippet.

Sign up at the May 10th meeting - cost will be $10 per member - cash or checks payable to Flycasters Inc.


Just in time for several upcoming fishouts - notably Pyramid Lake April 20 - 23 and the Shad fishout on May 23 --- Tony Yap is holding a Shooting Head Tune Up casting clinic.

Being able to launch your fly a great distance is key to greater success when fishing for those big Lahontan Cutthroat Trout in Pyramid Lake - and it helps get your fly in front of the Shad on the Sacramento River.

Tony Yap is a master caster and instructor - he will be focusing on Distance - Line Control - & Line Management.  Three keys to making you a better caster.

tony yap nn 

The clinic will be held at the Los Gatos Creek Park Casting Ponds - on Saturday April 15 beginning at 8:30am --- the clinic will run for 2 hours - and we need to vacate the ponds to allow the Advanced Casting Class access to the ponds at 10:30am

This is a FREE clinic to all Flycasters members - parking inside the park is $6 - pay at the kiosk.

For more details - come to the April 12 club meeting - and look for the flyer in the April 2017 issue of Flylines - see the File Sharing menu above




New member seminar

Flycasters is presenting its Fly Fishing 101 / New Member Seminar on Tuesday evening, April 18th, at the Moreland Apartments Meeting Room beginning at 7:00pm.

Please arrive early so that the seminar can begin promptly at 7:00 -

This presentation will cover fly rod/line setup, Rod actions, Reels, Flylines, leaders, tippets, fly types, entomology, general gear, etc.  There will be a table or two with equipment for your review during the break.

Although this seminar is primarily for members new to fly fishing it might also be appropriate for those members who have slightly more experience.

This seminar is free and open to all members. You can even invite your friends along to see if they are interested in fly fishing.

Because of the amount of material being presented and to allow attendees the ability to review materials after the seminar, Mason Seim has graciously agreed to make copies of the presentation.

Flycasters has also planned a follow up day at Bob Shoberg's garage - Saturday April 22nd - from 10:00am to noon - for newcomers to ask questions and see Bob's collection of fly fishing gear. Details will be presented at the seminar.

Copies of this presentation will only be available to attendees who have pre-registered so if you want a copy, either sign-up at the April meeting or send a note to Mason Seim at 




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