Much of the interest and fun in belonging to Flycasters is learning about fly fishing from the many seminars which are organized, managed and conducted by volunteer members. Some seminars and classes focus on varying skill levels (beginning, intermediate and advanced) allowing an angler to progress and achieve a high level of expertise


Flycasters of San Jose


Oct 30, Nov 6, Nov 20, Dec 4    7-9PM


Conference Room M250 Winchester Plaza


1101 S. Winchester Blvd., San Jose


Featuring useful patterns and techniques from the broad and deep field of the San Jose Flycaster’s fly tying experts.


This class is “advanced” only in that it assumes you have your own equipment and some previous experience with fly tying.  Bring your vice, tools, thread, notebook.  Pattern specific materials will be provided.


Enrollment is limited.


Cost: $20   Must be a member of San Jose Flycasters, but you can join when you sign up.  Please sign up at the October club meeting or contact Bill Zuravleff.


For additional information, or to sign up contact:


Bill Zuravleff 650 967-0674,


Or see


Note:  New to fly tying?  Try our most excellent Beginning Fly Tying course which is generally offered in the spring usually beginning in February.




Bill Zuravleff

Your fly is attached to the tippet - the tippet is attached to the leader - the leader is attached to your butt (section) - your butt (section) is attached to the flyline - your flyline is attache to the backing and the backing is attached to the reel.

That is six (6) knots that all need to work together to enable you to hook, play, and land a fish.  And it's important that they hold together and not break or come apart.

On Wednesday evening - August 28 - at 7:00pm in the Moreland Apts meeting room --- Flycasters will hold an Introductory Knots Class.

We'll learn the clinch and improved clinch knots - the surgeon's knot - the nail knot (and the nailless nail knot) - the blood knot - the perfection loop - the non-slip mono loop - the uni knot - the arbor knot - and if time permits one or two more.

This is a free seminar for members of Flycasters - sign up at the August meeting or contact Wade Goertz

You must sign up in order to receive the hand outs and other materials.


Attendees should bring along some nippers or scissors and some monofilament with which to practice - 0X  1X  2X  3X  or  4X   (preferably two sizes close to each other)  You may want to bring along some paper and a pen to take knots, er I mean notes.


There is going to be a spey casting - or more accurately - a two handed casting clinic held on Saturday June 1st at the Los Gatos Creek Casting Ponds.

There will be 4 instructors teaching 3 sessions --- each session will have 5 members --- so there will lots of one on one instruction

There will be an 8:00am session, a 10:00am session, and a Noon session ... each session will last approx 2 hours

Cost is $10 per member --- this is a first come first served clinic --- reply to to sign up. I will be collecting money at the May 8 Flycasters meeting. Cash $10 or $10 check payable to Flycasters Inc.

In your email reply-signup please indicate your FIRST SECOND & THIRD choice for which session you prefer ---- 8:00am - 10:00am (FULL)- or NOON

I will let you know which of the sessions you end up in ....

If you sign up and then realize you cannot make it ---- PLEASE let me know so someone else can take your spot ---


Wade Goertz - Flycasters, Inc.


Fly Fishing 101


Moreland Apts Meeting Room – 7:00pm

For all of you who are new to fly fishing and those who think they might still have something to learn Flycasters is presenting its New Member Seminar on Wednesday evening, April 24th, at the Moreland Apartments Meeting Room beginning at 7:00pm.

We will have a comprehensive presentation of topics that will include:

Overall Fly rod/line setup - Fly Rod basics - Flylines - Tippets - Flies - Entomology - General Fly Fishing Equipment - Etc...

It will be a perfect opportunity to get to know the other club members – both new and longstanding – as well as a chance to ask any questions that you need answered. It is a free seminar – and open to all Flycasters members

(You can even invite your friends along to see if they might be interested)

Sign-ups help us determine how many handouts to have ready.

For more information contact Wade Goertz or

Bob Shoberg


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