Much of the interest and fun in belonging to Flycasters is learning about fly fishing from the many seminars which are organized, managed and conducted by volunteer members. Some seminars and classes focus on varying skill levels (beginning, intermediate and advanced) allowing an angler to progress and achieve a high level of expertise

3 classes will be offered in the 2014 Fall Fly Tying Classes.

Steve Duckett and Bill Mahan will be teaching a class on weighting flies on Wednesday (11/5) starting at 7:00 p.m.  Bill will give a presentation on weighting options and things to consider when weighting flies, and Steve will demonstrate his Bouncer Fly. Materials will be provided for class participants for tying the flies demonstrated.

Bob Davis will teach a class on "Tails and Wings" on 11/19 (same time) with place to be determined, and he will provide materials for the students to use.

Dave Turner is teaching the third class on "Dubbing Loops", probably on either 10/29 or 12/3.  (Dave is busy fishing in Alberta, Canada and the dates will be firmed up later)

Unfortunately, the club no longer has access to the conference room at Winchester Plaza – we are looking at other locations to hold the classes.

Two places being considered are The Quaker Meeting House at 1051 Morse St., in San Jose and Bob Davis’ office space at Winchester Plaza – we will be able to determine the specifics well before the first class.

If anyone knows of a suitable location for the fly tying classes – and other seminars as well – be sure to bring it to the attention of Bill Mahan and/or Wade Goertz


Bill Mahan Wade Goertz

A great way to fish still waters is from a “personal water craft”.  Better know as a float tubes or pontoon boats these devices allow a fly fisherperson to move around in still water to reach positions that a wading or bank fisherperson cannot reach.  And, they give you the finite control that is sometimes lacking when fishing from a boat.


We have scheduled this seminar before the June Fishouts to Manzanita Lake and Lava Lakes in Oregon to allow new float tubers an opportunity to get in on these great fishouts.  So, on Saturday, May 10th, we will hold a seminar on “Float Tubes” that will cover their different types, the related equipment, basic operation, how to fish from a tube or pontoon and, most importantly, safety related to tubes and wading.  You will be able to see and discuss the various types as well as try out some tubes.  We will cover what you need to fish from a tube and see some other member’s setups.  Also, a short presentation on water safety will be included.  We will hold this seminar beginning at 10am at the boat ramp at Stevens Creek Reservoir

Learn what to look for in a floatation device that fits your style and cost before you buy.  You do not need bring your own if you have one.

There is no  fee for this seminar, but handout materials will be provided.


Sign up at May meeting, or by contacting Wade Goertz, Seminars Chairperson.

If you want to get started in fly fishing - the first skill to learn is FLY CASTING.

Flycasters' Spring Casting Classes will begin on Saturday - March 29 - 8:00am - at Los Gatos Creek Park.

If you are brand new to fly fishing the Beginning Flycasting Classes will be the perfect way to start. We can provide equipment for you if you don't have your own yet.

If you have been fly fishing for a while and wish to improve, you may want to enhance your skills in the Intermediate Classes.

If you want to learn how to cast shooting head lines - we have a class for Shooting Head Casting.

And if you have the basics mastered and want to learn advanced casting skills we even have an Advanced Class.

Each class is 2 hours each day on three consecutive weekends - Saturday and Sunday - beginning March 29.  The fee is $45 for 12 hours of instruction.  You must be a member of Flycasters to take the classes.  So everyone is encouraged to attend the March 12 meeting and sign up. You can join at the meeting - membership costs are $50 for and individual or $60 for a family membership.  Contact Jo Hood for details 408-499-5191

You can wait until registration at 8:00am on Saturday March 29 -- but the more advanced classes fill up early.

More information regarding these classes can be found under the "Knowledge" menu above -

And check out the February Flylines newsletter in our "File Sharing" pages - top right - go to 2014 Flylines -and click on Flylines 02-2014.



Flycasters is presenting a follow up to the panel discussion on Tropical Salt Water Fly Fishing which began at the January Flycasters meeting.

On Wednesday evening, January 22nd, at 7:00pm at the Moreland Apts Community Room - our regular meeting site.

The subject of fly fishing in tropical waters encompasses a great deal of information - Once again our panel will be discussing topics which will include:

Target Species




Travel planning

How to get started

Join us on Wednesday, January 22nd for this FREE seminar.

Contact Wade Goertz for more information

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