Building your own fly rods can be rewarding on a number of levels. You can save a significant amount of money - you can customize the rod to look exactly how you want it to - you can also choose the components to fit your casting and fishing style - and you learn a great deal about fly rod performance characteristics, the "how" and "why" of rod length, guide spacing, flex pattern, grip shape, rod balance, etc.

Bob Davis and other Flycasters members will be teaching fly rod building beginning January 20th and 22nd - classes will start at 7:00pm each session and run for a couple of hours.

We will hold the classes at the Quaker Fellowship House - also known at Brinton House - at 1051 Morse St., San Jose.

The first couple of classes are an introduction and overview of rod building and then we give the attendees a two week break to assemble the components and tools they will need to build their own rods.

Rod Building Class 2011 019


The subsequent classes begin again on February 10th and 12th and again on February 17th and 19th --- all classes begin at 7:00pm

Members only - space is limited to 12 members

Cost is $20 for all six sessions - cash or check payable to Flycasters Inc.

Topics include:  An overview of rod building, selecting a blank, marking the spine, tools and materials needed, attaching the reel seat, attaching cork handles, guide spacing and wrapping, finishing coats, and resources --- all questions addressed and answered.

No prior experience is necessary - this is very much geared to anyone interested in learning how to build a fly rod - lots of tools you can borrow and lots of members to collaborate with.

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