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If you plan to attend this seminar please let Mason Seim know msseim@aol.com


A great way to fish still waters is from a “personal water craft”.  Better known as a float tubes or pontoon boats these devices allow a fly fisherperson to move around in still water to reach positions that a wading or bank fisherperson cannot reach.  And, they give you the finite control that is sometimes lacking when fishing from a boat.

We have scheduled this seminar in time for the Roostercomb fishout later in May and the June Fishouts at Virginia Lakes and southern Oregon Lava Lakes to allow new float tubers an opportunity to get in on these great fishouts. 

So, on Saturday May 9th we will hold a seminar on “Float Tubes” that will cover their different types, the related equipment, basic operation, how to fish from a tube or pontoon and, most importantly, safety related to tubes and wading.  You will be able to see and discuss the various types as well as try out some tubes.  We will cover what you need to fish from a tube and see some other member’s setups.  Also, a short presentation on water safety will be included.

We will hold this seminar beginning at 10:00am at the boat ramp at Stevens Creek Reservoir.  There is no fee for this seminar, but handout materials will be provided.



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