Your fly is attached to the tippet - the tippet is attached to the leader - the leader is attached to your butt (section) - your butt (section) is attached to the flyline - your flyline is attache to the backing and the backing is attached to the reel.

That is six (6) knots that all need to work together to enable you to hook, play, and land a fish.  And it's important that they hold together and not break or come apart.

On Wednesday evening - August 28 - at 7:00pm in the Moreland Apts meeting room --- Flycasters will hold an Introductory Knots Class.

We'll learn the clinch and improved clinch knots - the surgeon's knot - the nail knot (and the nailless nail knot) - the blood knot - the perfection loop - the non-slip mono loop - the uni knot - the arbor knot - and if time permits one or two more.

This is a free seminar for members of Flycasters - sign up at the August meeting or contact Wade Goertz

You must sign up in order to receive the hand outs and other materials.


Attendees should bring along some nippers or scissors and some monofilament with which to practice - 0X  1X  2X  3X  or  4X   (preferably two sizes close to each other)  You may want to bring along some paper and a pen to take knots, er I mean notes.


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