Fly Fishing 101


Moreland Apts Meeting Room – 7:00pm

For all of you who are new to fly fishing and those who think they might still have something to learn Flycasters is presenting its New Member Seminar on Wednesday evening, April 24th, at the Moreland Apartments Meeting Room beginning at 7:00pm.

We will have a comprehensive presentation of topics that will include:

Overall Fly rod/line setup - Fly Rod basics - Flylines - Tippets - Flies - Entomology - General Fly Fishing Equipment - Etc...

It will be a perfect opportunity to get to know the other club members – both new and longstanding – as well as a chance to ask any questions that you need answered. It is a free seminar – and open to all Flycasters members

(You can even invite your friends along to see if they might be interested)

Sign-ups help us determine how many handouts to have ready.

For more information contact Wade Goertz or

Bob Shoberg


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