Many of the best fly tyers in our club learned their skills by attending the fly tying classes offered by Flycasters of San Jose. Some  took those same Beginning and Intermediate Fly Tying classes several times. By repeating the classes they honed their skills, technique and focus on the attention to details that make their flies more attractive to hungry fish. Details like size, proportion, materials, and the biology of insects that take practice to master.

Each session members are taught 2 fly patterns and the skills necessary to tie them. The aimis to start with the basic skills and add specialized techniques with each subsequent pattern. After 10 classes you will have instructions, materials, and skills to tie 20 flies and the ability to tie dozens more. 


The Beginning Fly Tying classes start on Wednesday February 22nd at 7:00 pm at the conference room M250 at Winchester Plaza, 1101 S. Winchester Blvd. The beginning class is 6 sessions and the cost is $40. The first session is an overview of tying and is scheduled immediatly before the Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton.

The Intermediate Fly Tying classes start on Wednesday April 18th in the same room at the same times. The Intermediate class is 4 sessions and costs $35. Both classes are for members only. 

For those who sign up for both sessions - all 10 classes  - the cost will be $60.  Classes are limited to 10 members so sign up now.    

THE 2012 FLY TYING CLASSES ARE FULL - contact Wade Goertz to put your name on the "wait and see" list

Contact Wade Goertz - or Victor Inouye - for more information





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