Last year’s volunteers: back; Dan, Judie, Mike, Bob S, Nhan, Chuck, Hunter; front Bob M, Shiz

(not in photo: Larry Mehringer and Chris Jamison)


On this year’s National Coastal Clean-up Day the Flycasters Conservation Committee is organizing a clean-up of the clubs adopted section of Los Gatos Creek adjacent to the casting ponds between Lark Avenue and Camden Avenue.  The clean-up will start at 9:00 AM on Saturday, September 15 and we will all gather back at the casting ponds at 12:00 noon.  The sponsors, Santa Clara Valley Water District will provide the trash and recycle bags and well as gloves, if you need them.  The Conservation Committee will provide some trash pick-up tools, “grabbers” and small rakes, for your use for ease of recovering trash.  We are not allowed to get in the water.  During our clean-up last year, we recovered an estimated 180 lbs of trash and recyclables.  We will provide water, coffee and donuts to get you “kick” started for the morning clean-up. 

Bring your fly rods and do some practice casting at the ponds after the clean-up.   If you would like to help, contact any committee member or Chuck Hammerstad.

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