Happy New Year from the Fishout Staff!

Make a resolution to attend a couple of fishouts this year. Check the website for more information on each fishout, or call the fishmaster.

This is a list of our currently planned fishouts. The club is open to adding more fishouts so if you have a location you want to go to and/or willing to host a fishout please contact me

2013 Dates Location Fishmaster

March 9 Shadow Cliffs Bob Meacham

April 18-21 Pyramid Lake Walt McIntyre

May 21 Shad Fishout Bob Laskodi

June 6-9 Rooster Comb Jim Isaacson

July 18-21 Manzanita Lake Wade Goertz/Dave Pellone

August 22-25
High Sierra Backpack Trip Bill Zuravleff

Sept 6-8

Kennedy Meadows-Stanislaus River

Dave Pellone/Wade Goertz

Sept 20-22 Yamsi Ranch, OR Rick Davis

Oct 5 O'Neil Forebay Mike Lovejoy

Oct 24-27 Davis Lake Bob Davis/Rene Blanquies

Dec 27-30. Trinity River Mike Lovejoy/Jim Isaacson

Mike Lovejoy, Fishmaster


Sat Oct 21 @12:00AM
Davis Lake
Sun Oct 22 @12:00AM
Davis Lake
Thu Nov 02 @12:00AM
Klamath River Fishout
Fri Nov 03 @12:00AM
Klamath River Fishout
Sat Nov 04 @12:00AM
Klamath River Fishout
Sun Nov 05 @12:00AM
Klamath River Fishout
Sun Nov 05 @12:00AM
Trinity River Fishout
Mon Nov 06 @12:00AM
Trinity River Fishout
Tue Nov 07 @12:00AM
Trinity River Fishout
Wed Nov 08 @12:00AM
Trinity River Fishout

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