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Big Hole Montana THE GANG Flycasters has posted its Fishout Schedule for 2016 - there are 23 fishouts on the calendar for this year.

With the weather cooperatiing for the first time in 5 years it looks like there will be plenty of water in the rivers, lakes, and reservoirs all year long --- (let's not take this for granted)

First up is a trip to the Yuba River - February 25 - 27 -- contact Lee Dorius for details

Second is a one day Surf Fishout to the Pacific Ocean Saturday March 5 -- contact Luke Sing

New member Jeff Lorelli is hosting a Bass Fly Fishing trip to Kelsey Bass Ranch  April 9th  fly fishing for bass early in the year should be a great fishout --- 

There is even a fishout to the Yuba River in May that is geared specifically for members new to fly fishing -

Only 4 spots left

Flycasters had a group of 10 at Montana's Big Hole Lodge last month - for a look at photos and more check out the August Flylines under the File Sharing menu -

The trip was incredible - fishing Montana's beautiful rivers, enjoying delicious gourmet meals at the lodge and streamside, and being hosted by the owners and staff of The Big Hole Lodge - It was a terrific week.

Go to  and see everything the lodge offers -

Big Hole Mike

Next year Laurie has reserved the week of July 2 - 8 ... one of the prime weeks at the lodge for spectacular fishing and a chance to experience the Fourth of July in Montana.

Space is limited to members of Flycasters and there are only 4 spots left.

Be sure to contact Laurie to reserve your spot -

A deposit of $1575.00 will be due by the November 11, 2015 meeting.

See the fishout template in the File Sharing menu under 2016 Fishouts

 Trinity River Fishout

November 15 - 18, 2015

Jim Isaacson has posted the fishout template for the Trinity River Fishout on the website -- go to the File Sharing Menu and click on 2015 Fishouts and look for the Trinity River Fishout 2015


This is always a very popular fishout and fills up quickly so be sure to get your name on the sign-up sheet at the August 12 meeting.


This is a little earlier in the year than usual and is taking place Sunday through Wednesday a full week before the Thanksgiving holiday - You will see a note on the fishout template to "see attached" which is NOT available - but here is one of the photos you are supposed to see ----

Trinity 01


Fish Cards

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