2010 Fishout Schedule

2010 is looking to be a great year for Flycasters Fishouts.  We are going to some new places, as well as returning to some of our favorites.   This year, we hope to add some new fishmasters to the roster.   Traditionally, the Flycaster Fishmaster has taken on many duties, which limited the time for fishing.  To make the Fishmaster job more attractive, we will be asking attendees to take on more of the camp chores.   This will get everyone involved, and allow the fishmaster to do more fishing.  If you have an idea for a fishout, get in touch with Mike Lovejoy.  Now get out there and fish!


Dates Location Fishmaster
Feb. 12-14 Lower Kings River Lee Smith/Bob Bergthold
April 1-4
Upper Kings River Rene Blanquies
April 16 Beardsley Reservoir Bob Shoberg
April 22-25 Pyramid Lake Lee Smith/Rich Quan
May 8 Kistler Ranch Tim Swihart
May 18 Middle Tuolumne River Bob Shoberg
May 19 Sac Shad Fishout Bob Laskodi
May 23 Sac Shad Fishout Bob Laskodi
May 29-31 Rooster Comb Jim Knecht
June 10-13 Bridgeport Lakes Lee Dorius
June 19 North Fork Stanislaus River Bob Shoberg
July 22-25 Manzanita Lake Chuck Hammerstad
August 4 Merced River Bob Shoberg
August 6-8 3 day Backpack in the Sierras Jim Knecht
Sept. 16-18 3 day East Carson River Walt McIntyre/Jim Degnan
Oct. 2-3 Canceled Mike Matica
Oct. 21-24 Eagle Lake Bob Davis
Dec. 27-30 Trinity River Mike Lovejoy/Jim Isaacson

There are additional fishouts being considered but no firm dates have been established and some will need Fishmasters. Be sure to periodically check the fishout list as changes do occur. 


Sat Feb 17 @12:00AM
Lower Yuba Fishout
Sun Feb 18 @12:00AM
Lower Yuba Fishout

Fish Cards

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