Flycasters Shad Fishout

Thursday May 22 2014

11:00 AM (Sacramento River Location TBD)

Flycasters will be hosting a fishout for shad in 2014. A weekday fishout for all of us retired folks on Thursday May 22 2014 (limited to 15 persons). Cost of the fishout will be $165 per person.

General Info: The shad fishout will be guided by Orland Outfitters, one of the premium outfitters serving the Sacramento River. While we will be fishing the Sacramento River, the actual specific location of the fishout will not be known until just prior to the fishout as it is dependent on the location of the shad. We could be fishing anywhere from Verona to Red Bluff on the Sacramento River, where ever the fish are located. I will provide maps and specific meeting info at the club meeting in May to fishout attendee's. It is about a three hour drive from the Bay area to Orland, to give you an example of the approximate driving time. Of course, the actual location may be slightly closer or further depending on the location of the fish. We will be meeting at the designated launch ramp at 11:00 AM on the day of the fishout, and fishing until nightfall (around 9:00 PM). I highly recommend staying as late as you can, because shad fishing during the last hour of the day can be spectacular. Jetboats will be available to suit your specific return time if needed to leave earlier. Jetboats will be utilized to transport anglers from the boat launch to the central meeting place on a gravel bar that will provide shade canopies, and dinner from 4:00 to 5:00 PM. Smaller groups will be transported as needed to alternate locations for fishing purposes and accompanied by a licensed guide, who will help you get into the fish. Dinner will consist of Orland Outfitters famous garbage can chicken and a complete meal will be provided including beer, soda's and water. Feel free to bring your own wine if desired, as that will not be provided (I don't drink wine and have no idea what to bring!).


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