The Flycaster’s Education Foundation received a $12,000 grant from the C.J. Huckens Foundation via the Tides Foundation to support the Flycaster’s Education activities.  The grant request was written by Hugh Miller and this grant of $12,000 will be used to help fund the  Flycaster’s Salmon and Trout Education Program(STEP).

The Flycaster Educational Foundation provides education, conservation, and youth programs... to local schools. These programs are focused mainly on education and conservation. For the last 15 years, the STEP program has been a very significant part of the Flycaster’s Education Committee's activities.

The Ed foundation is managed by Hugh Miller and Don Chesarek with the support of a lot of Flycaster Members.  Helping the kids is a very gratifying experience. If you are interested in joining Hugh and Don, contact either one of them.  More details about the Ed foundation below.....

STEP students learn about salmon and steelhead life cycles, their habitat requirements and the problems and solutions to preserving these "indicator" species and the watersheds in which they live. Teachers who wish to learn and participate in teaching STEP are offered a two-day workshop, which provides cooperative learning utilizing actual lessons from the curriculum material. The curriculum provided to the new teachers was developed by the trainers many of whom were/are teachers and are using the curriculum in their classrooms. The curriculum provides teachers with lesson plans and other material that they can use in the classroom and on the stream. Those teachers who desire to participate in classroom incubation option under the STEP program are required to complete the two day teacher training certification program and to obtain Department of Fish and Game approval to participate in this phase of the program. These teachers receive 30 fertilized wild steelhead eggs and raise them to fry stage. The fry are released back into the San Lorenzo watershed from which the parents had been captured.

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