We’re very much in-STEP, again!

(Report for School-Year 2011-2012)

Once again, our Flycaster Educational team sure had a great year supporting STEP (Salmon & Trout Education) classes.   We supported over 50 classes in the greater Santa Clara County area.  We received a number of thank-you notes from STEP classes.  Also, we received a wonderful video from the Eliot school.

When it came time to deliver the 30 Steelhead trout eggs per classroom, many Flycaster-team members “stepped-up” to help….Dave Turner, Mondy Lariz, Sue Larson, Mike Culcasi, Bob Shoberg, Shiz and Judy Nakawatase, Jim Knecht, and Chuck Hammerstad.  Hugh Miller and STEP teacher Dan Mendez helped coordinate that activity.   The report back from the Monterey Bay Salmon & Trout Project, who administer the program, was that all participating classes realized a 93% success in releasing fry vs. number of eggs allocated.

Note some of the photos, copied from the Eliot (Gilroy) STEP video.

They, certainly, were appreciative of our Flycaster support.

If you wish to help with STEP activities during the 2012/2013 school year, contact Don Chesarek, Hugh Miller or Dave Turner.






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