President - Todd Osborn
Todd Osborn I did a lot of fishing and hiking in Boy Scouts and became enthralled with the Sierra high country. School and family diverted me from fishing until my daughter took an interest. I tried fly fishing and quickly determined I could not teach myself. I joined Flycasters in 2007 for the casting class and soon found new friends and a lifelong hobby. I have learned a lot from fellow Flycasters and still have much to learn – you are never done! I recently retired and started hosting fishouts, initially reluctant, but found everyone brings a good attitude fishing and are very willing to help. I hope to give something back the group that has given me so much.
Vice President -Tom Key
Tom Key

My fishing life started young with my Grandfather taking me salt water fishing in Southern California. Fresh water fishing started when my dad began taking our family on annual camping trips to the Eastern Sierra Nevada along highway 395. Over the years we camped and fished from Independence to Bridgeport on streams and in lakes.   Worms, salmon eggs and lures were the preferred bait until I met my friend Ted. Ted was a lifelong fly fisherman and told me I was “..the lowest form of life” because I fished with floating garlic cheese bait. I talked him into teaching me how to “wave a long pole” to catch trout with feathers, and 37 years later I’m still at it. In addition to time on the water I build custom hand split bamboo rods, assemble glass and graphite rods, and help teach our clubs rod building and occasionally tie flies.


If you’ve got some extra cash burning a hole in your wallet/purse and have always lusted for a Tonkin cane fly rod let me know.

Secretary - Albert Yi  Albert Yi

Having a fishing rod in my hand since I was a preschooler, I started dabbling with flyfishing in high school, and got serious about it in 2011, a year before joining FlyCasters in 2012. These days, I appreciate the spectrum of the sport from saltwater flats to small streams along with all technical aspects related to it, and regardless of the species or size, nothing gets my inner child giggling quite like anticipating and witnessing the take. I appreciate Flycasters for providing an environment where I can unashamedly practice and discuss my passions for the sport with like-minded fellow anglers, and I hope to help the continued fostering of this as a board member.

Treasurer - Brad Winchester
Brad Winchester

During my early years I only fished on the occasional camping trip. That changed in 1996 when my wife April got me a 6 wt fly rod and a guide trip on the Trinity for our anniversary. The beautiful float down the river and catching a bright half-pounder had me hooked. I started fishing the San Lorenzo in the winter for Steelhead with my friend and fishing mentor Lou Young. One thing has led to another and now I own far too many fly rods, according to April and enjoy fishing the Sierras on backpacking trips, the Pit and McCloud, the Trinity, the Sac valley rivers, Southern Oregon and lately giving British Columbia a try. I’ve really gotten into Spey fishing, finding it an enjoyable way to fish that’s easy on my shoulder. Joining the Flycasters a few years ago has really enhanced my fishing experience, giving me a chance to hear, and tell, more fish stories and the opportunity to go on more fishing trips then I can possibly make. I look forward to many more years fishing in nearby and far away places

Director - Irene Bennitt
 Irene Bennitt BoD  
I am new to fly fishing. I joined Flycasters in  July, 2014. I have enjoyed taking the fly tying and casting classes. This club has great support and members dedicated to not just fishing, but conservation efforts.  Even though I have only been on one fishing trip, I hope to go on many more. Hopefully my next fish is larger than 6 inches! Looking forward to an active role on our board in 2016.
Director -Daniel Inns
 Daniel Inns

As a kid, I started fishing the beaches around Sydney, Australia.  When I moved to California in 2009 I got into fly-fishing the rivers and I’ve been hooked since.   They say fish live in beautiful places;   it is a great way to explore our local mountains and coasts, the rest of the nation, and indeed the whole world.  For instance: my photo shows me standing in the crystal clear waters of a New Zealand spring creek, exploring territory I would otherwise have never seen.

I've enjoyed all the clubs activities over the last few years like fly-tying, rod building, and fishouts.   2017 is my first year as director, and I’m proud to assist the other great members and directors to participate even more in our sport and club.

Director -Luke Sing
Director - Bob Bergthold
 Bob Bergthold  


Director - Diana Ross
Diana Ross2  

As a lover of the outdoors, fly fishing has provided me the perfect excuse to be in some of the most beautiful places on earth. My two favorite places to fish are Lee's Ferry, AZ and the Agulapak River in Alaska. Why? Because you can be the world's worst angler and still catch fabulous fish. Our club offers tons of opportunities for beginners to experts. As a plus, we will give you the opportunity to tell tall fish tales and no one will challenge you.

Past Presidents of Flycasters, Inc.

We want to thank all the following members for their hard work, efforts and direction for our club since 1965.  Listed in order from first to most recent.


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